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Archaeology & Anthropology Field Schools

South America - Peru - Inca Highway, Jungle, & Ritual Human Sacrifice- 2016

Archaeology Field School Location and Dates

Application Deadline
Start Date 2016-05-29
End Date 2016-06-12

Archaeology Field School Location

Cuzco, Peru
Puerto Maldonado, Peru
Lambayeque, Peru

Archaeology Field School Tuition

$2500 plus airfare
(International and in country)

Archaeology Field School Room and Board

included in tuition

Archaeology Field School Travel
Airfare depends on departure city

Archaeology Field School Description

Walk the Qhapaq Nan beginning in the Plaza de Armas from which the Highway started. Visit key sites downtown that show construction techniques, ideas of Empire, and the role of a highway (a path, a nan) in building the Empire. Includes Santo Domingo (Qori Cancha), the arches entering the city, Plaza and Church of San Blas, Mesa Redonda, Teteqaqa, Temple of the Moon, Qenqo, and Saqsayhuaman. Horse back ride to Balcony del Diablo. Machu Picchu, and Pisac. Learn to work with stone in the Inca way and learn to weave.
We will do a few nights in the Amazon Jungle. We fish for piranha and catch gators while experiencing the wonders of the rain forest, the abundant nature and learn of the Geat Antisuyo Struggle.
Last we head to Lambayeque to work with Dr. Haagen Klaus and the Lambayeque Valley Biohistory Project. Dr. Klaus specializes in ritual violence and human sacrifice and we are fortunate to be able to join him. He has excavated and written about the Moche, Sican, and Inka. His book is called Ritual Violence in the Ancient Andes. He is a bone expert and a quote from him is,
"These bones are our teachers, and we are their voice"

We are limited to a small group size so this opportunity will burn bright and hot for a short amount of time, much like the Sican civilization. Please hold your spot soon.

Archaeology Field School Additional Information

Archaeology Field School Type

Prehistoric, historic, Bio-archaeology, cultural anthropology

Time Period

Approx. 500 BC- 1532 AD

Field School Setting/Conditions

High Andes, rain forest, and wide plains

How is the project area accessed each day


Number of years this Archaeology Field School has been in operation
4 years
Is there a professional certification for this field school


Directors and Instructors

Professor of Anthropology, David Knowlton and Dr. Haagen Klaus

Specialized skills you will have the opportunity to learn

Cultural ethnography
Field notebooks

On rain days will there be lab work?


Will there be additional organized activities?


Will there be additional organized activities?


Is travel restriced during free time?

Restrictions are that you can never go out alone and you must always let directors know where you are going

Archaeology Field School Contact Information and Website

Field School Website:

Field School Contact Information

Aramanda Cartwright

Field School Contact E-mail:
Be sure to let the program know you heard about their field school on

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Field School Contact Website:

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