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Archaeology & Anthropology Field Schools

South America - Peru - Huari - Ancash Bioarchaeologcal Project. Peru - 2014

Archaeology Field School Location and Dates

Application Deadline
Start Date 2014-06-05
End Date 2014-07-30

Multiple Sessions yes
Multiple Session information

Session 01- Biorchaeology in Marcajirca June 05-26
Session 02- Archaeology in Huamparan July 06 -29

Archaeology Field School Description

We will have two field-school sessions in two different sites during the 2014 summer season:

Session 01- Biorchaeology in Marcajirca June 05-26
Session 02- Archaeology in Huamparan July 06 -29

Session 01: The bio-archaeological project is focused on three aspects of research and we follow different techniques in the field and laboratory:
Bio-archaeology: This program consists of excavation of human remains and bone identification in situ. The excavations takes place in Marcajirca site. Previous experience is not required to be able to participate in this program.
Archaeology: This part of the program involves archaeological excavations in different types of structures in Marcajirca; our goal is for the student to learn to identify stratigraphic layers, be able to fully fill out an excavation form, and improve archaeological drawing. We will examine different material recovered during present and past seasons (ex.pottery, lithics). Some short surveys will be considered in the areas surrounding Marcajirca(if the weather permits). Experience is not required.
Laboratory: analysis of human remains from Marcajirca site. The bone analyses are performed in order to obtain biological data from the remains recovered by students themselves during the current season or from previous excavations.
All the participants in the team will rotate between different parts of research so that everyone gets to try everything. However, based on progress and skill for determined areas (ex. chullpa) if a participant chooses to work only in one area, it will be considered, keeping in mind that the number of students is manageable by a supervisor for that area.
The project encourages students, particularly graduates, to “run” their own research, express ideas for possible thesis projects. We will allow using data from Marcajirca expecting that respective credit for supervisors and the director of the project is given. Many students have prepared posters, thesis and have attended events with Marcajirca data.

Session 02: Archaeology and Survey
This program involves excavations in Huamparan site and survey in areas around Huari and Royal Inka Road that runs through the region. Experience is not required, basic Spanish is recommended but not required. The excavation in Huamparán is a large open dig, with multiple structures and extremely interesting and complex stratigraphy. It would be very didactic for students willing to learn identifying different layers and excavation techniques. This is an intense session, physically demanding but rewarding with every layer uncovered and rock pulled out.
The program will combine excavation, lab. analysis and survey during the 3 weeks and all participants will be involved in every part of the program. The survey part will involve visiting possible sites, digging of test pits and recording of ceramic sherds and/ or architecture if found.

Archaeology Field School Additional Information

Archaeology Field School Contact Information and Website

Field School Website:

Field School Contact Information

Margatita Brikyte

Field School Contact E-mail:
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